Monday, April 7, 2008

Rotary Club

I didn't know what they really are until the 'free lunch' last week. I read about them afterwards. Of course their name in the community is well known but seeing is believing.

I was asked by my friend to speak as guest speaker at the luncheon. Lucky that I have picked a topic that I have some authority on. I met a group of very senior people in the community they are all expert in what they do.

There were some problems with my MacBook that I brought along. Not a big deal even Bill Gates screwed up at Keynote speech. I brought my MacBook but I forgot to bring the miniDVI to VGA adapter. I realized that while walking to the venue I then walked back to a shop where I know I could buy Apple accessories. My god that shop was closed for renovation. Plan B was to use the notebook available at the venue so it was few minutes of converting the powerpoint from 2007 to 2003 version then transfer that file over. The very nice IBM notebook available there couldn't take my Toshiba 4G thumb drive! I then have to get another thumb drive to complete that simple task of transferring one file.

The powerpoint went smoothly except the little animation for a few photos didn't show up.

You must have a Plan B in life!

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