Thursday, April 24, 2008

Study self

Why do we want to understand oneself? We are not of our own creation we know so little about this creature named self.

When I was a lot younger I learnt a bit of Palmistry and other fortune telling tricks from a uncle. It didn't quite help to understand myself obviously I wasn't able to acquire the lost art. When I got older I come across astrology. I didn't understand or believe in those things either.

There are however some truth in all these things, e.g. the basic traits of Scorpio and that reference in wiki to Chinese 'Pig' surprised me

The Indian equivalent of Scorpio is Vrishchika. The Chinese equivalent is thought to be the strong, resolute Pig, whose lunar month is 8 November - 6 December

Given that this is western materials the analysis about Pig I would say is pretty accurate. After all these years I think I know a bit about a Pig born in the month of a Scorpio.

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