Monday, August 11, 2008


My MacBook is just over a year now so it's time modding it.

Just bought a Hitachi 250Gb SATA 9.5mm HDD last Friday to replace the 120Gb in the original MacBook. I did the replacement and reinstalled everything while watching the Beijing Olympic Opening on the TV.

I have yet to find a way to erase everything on the old HDD such that I could use it as Time Machine backup, the disk utility didn't work for me with error 'couldn't unmount drive'. Since I have tried everything I know in Mac I just tried doing that from Vista. This TransMac or this MacDrive 7 (you have 7 days evaluation from here, if you get it from versiontracker you have 30 days sorry 7 days only + you could reformat Mac formatted drives) will do the job from Vista.

By the way after watching the documentary about the construction of the National Stadium 'Bird's Nest' and the Opening I have a feeling that this sort of event is only possible in China. Imagine a construction project like Bird's Nest happening in Western World how many arbitration cases, labour union strikes, project delays and money spent on lawyers there could have been. I would love to see how London will manage this in few years time!

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