Friday, October 31, 2008

Moving movie clips and music

I have now all my movie clips moved to my external harddisk following hints from this article. Before that I created a 250G partition for data and left the rest for time machine backup.

Next would be moving my musics this post would be steps to follow.

I noticed the other day that my MacBook harddisk has only twenty something Gb left so I have to move clips and music to external storage.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goodbye PCCW IMS

I emailed them today

Dear Support,

As you have ignored me for nearly 48 hours now I'll be submitting Service Termination Request Form today.

Now I'll either go for 3reedom or SmarTone-Vodafone

[edited] Just about 48 hours they came back and said

.... I have checked the record and would like to let you know that the service that you are now subscribing do not bind with any commitment.

Indeed we are offering various type of service packages with a much competitive price to meet different needs of our Customers ...

and I replied

Sorry you guys are too slow and I have submitted termination request already.

If you can offer good mobile broadband plan please let me know by return I'm too dumb to understand why Netvigator likes to punish loyal customer, how many years I have been with you, tell me?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You guys are too slow

22 hours ago I emailed Netvigator customer service and almost at the same time clicked at their Netvigator and SmarTone-Vodafone websites such that someone will contact me.

I got a call from Netvigator within couple of hours from a sales who couldn't convince me why as an existing customer I have to pay more keeping the broadband at home while going mobile. Are there many people out there connecting full time via fixed line at home while taking their notebook outdoor surfing at the same time?

To illustrate, say I'm paying $198 for my home broadband but it isn't used while I'm away, Netvigator knows that don't they because they must have utilization records in their database. They could apply that diversity and oversell can't they? If I go for their 'Everywhere' plan I have to commit to a 18 months contract at $328 per month which equals to $526/month plus costs of $1,680 for the USB 'auto network selector'. If you are new customer, for exactly the same thing, you only need to pay $488 for a 18 months commitment and $488 for 24 months and the dongle is free.

Why do they punish loyal customers? Do they expect me to run my own server at home and get connected round the clock?

Vodafone isn't very good either so far I have no phone call or email contact from them. [edited] they did come back about 24 hours later forwarding their standard ads without any human touch.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Life style change

Just don't laugh at me you'll know this isn't easy when are at my age!

Nobody has full control of his/her life style because we are not living alone in an island. I need a healthier life style with more exercise.

I drive to work which I don't need to because I'm not living many miles away from office. I have tried a few times taking underground home which wasn't difficult. So why do I still drive to work, it's free to me and laziness is the only answer. However I may need to invest in an 'in-ear' earphone since I can't really listen to my iPod while traveling on the train. Driving up the volume will surely cause another problem.

I don't have that much outdoor works in the last 5/6 years hence really not much stretching of arms and legs. My boy demands my attention as well at home after work as he enters primary school this year. My only choices are

  1. swimming before work

  2. jogging/walking before work

  3. jogging/walking during weekend with family

  4. gym after work

(1) isn't sustainable because winter is approaching (2) is possible but I need life style change, i.e. sleep early (3) I've been doing that from time to time (4) not sustainable, may fail easily and money down the drain.

My plan now is going for (2) hence I need to adjust my life style. I'll have to stop watching late news before sleep and try getting up early enough perhaps once per week at the beginning then increase the frequency gradually. There are quiet hilly walk with very little traffic where I could walk for 30 minutes or so in the morning.

I also need to stop spending time at the computer at home. If I need to work on my server or do something at the sites I manage I'll have to do that before going home. My firewalled corporate network here doesn't allow me to ssh into my server. Mobile broadband service like this or that would fit me. I have been with Netvigator for ages (since the stone age of 56k via phone wire) but their current offer is really ridicules to me. I wrote to them today

Dear support,

Can you confirm that I'm currently not tied to any contract/commitment and I can cancel my broadband account without penalty?

I wanna go mobile broadband but your plan sounds ridiculous to me since I must be a home broadband user to enjoy it but who needs both?

Look forward to your confirmation ASAP.

I'll see what they'll say to me.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A 3 columns theme

I've never done one 3 columns theme before, this is first.
There are few features, in particular

  • entry.single will call entry.sidebar

  • comments will call comments.sidebar

  • search will call search.sidebar

  • tag will call tag.sidebar

  • display of single post is moved to a post-block.php, this makes changing easy at just one file

  • Google adsense codes are put in 2 files horizontal.googleads, vertial.googleads and also Amazon ads in amazonads files, so if I play with this on localhost I just have to comment out the include file line

  • there is virtually no image used except one in the header

  • Google analytic codes are also in a separate file such that they are not called when theme is not online

  • style sheet is small 4,687b vs 14,692b (system K2 theme)

My rationale is for certain display to have conditional sidebar for cases like single post and rendering of search/tag search results.

I have tried to make the style sheet as small/light as possible but still there 200+ lines.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Mild hypertension and palpitation have been bothering me. Naturally I researched on these topics which I now realize is a bad idea.

I went to see specialist and he gave me drugs. It's so easy these days I just have to google about these drugs that I was given. E.g. I can see side effect of those hypertension drugs here, here and there. Then I start feeling those mentioned side effect. The more I suspect about these side effects the more I feel that from my body.

Then I bought a blood pressure monitor for home use and I recorded fairly good figures, this is what the doctor and this tell me to do. Then I suspect that I could be just having white coat or masked hypertension. The mental stress could come from this imaginary health problem.

In fact I can't really tell what level is hypertension, some say it's 140 and above for age 50 and above. Prehypertension is range from 120/80 to 139/89. The instruction manual of my Omron says 135/85 and above is hypertension. I'm really confused as the drug I was given is really meant for hypertension and one of the side effect is palpitation. Occasional high blood pressure could well be just due to stress, anxiety or lack of sleep.

At last I had to agree with my doctor, i.e. I got to have faith in whatever treatment I was given and stop researching and thinking about it. The symptoms I felt could be just psychological influence and no drugs can help me unless I have faith. I'm pretty sure my first experience was due to work stress and the recent one was due to fear of a heart problem.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling dizzy

I had a bad dream last night so I was awake early.   Naturally rolling left and right trying to gain a bit more sleep before dawn.   When I rolled left the room was spinning around me so I stayed flat.   I wondered if that was VBI again like I experienced January last year.   When I turned flat again the spinning stopped almost momentarily which wasn't quite like last time.

I gave it another try after a while, i.e. roll left, it was like flipping a switch and the room started spinning instantly again.

The heart specialist doctor said this issue belongs to ear specialist.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let there be LAMP in Leopard

I have once set up a LAMP server on my MacBook I tried MAMP which was fairly easy to install and use.    As Mac OS X is in fact UNIX I just have to enable a few born with features that came with the box.   I was too naive and lazy then, now I tried again.

This is my howto to install LAMP on Leopard. In summary there are few things that are not the same with other Linux distro that I have used.

  1. webroot is at /Library/WebServer/Documents/

  2. manually start mysql /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM/MySQLCOM start

  3. the database server host is localhost:/tmp/mysql.sock

Within 30 minutes I have the server running and a svn copy of WordPress installed. This is in fact UAMP not LAMP.

I'll patch up my howto to include installation steps for Habari. Habari requires PDO driver for mysql therefore php.ini requires tweaking.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I like this quotation

It's from here

There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it's only a hundred billion. It's less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers.

by Richard Feynman, US educator & physicist (1918 - 1988)

The US debt is having a free fall and I heard that they are adding 2 digits to this display. To save a few dollars on reworking they might as well add 5 digits.

Image from WIRED Blog Network

Monday, October 6, 2008

Deleted second slice

I ordered another slice to play with on 4 September. I attempted again to install LEMP which I did successfully. I think the LEMP server has been doing a good job and few days ago I also tried restoring a backup image to my first slice, swapped IP's between slices, all my sites are now running off my original first slice.

So the second slice is idling and I deleted it today. I have played with it and updated my LAMP howto, I couldn't find use of it now.

I guess if I have spare time after dinner I better spend more time on the black and write keyboard to ensure better sleep.

Body check again

I have just gone through a check by a specialist due to similar problem found earlier this year.

I had to stay overnight in the hospital for insurance reasons which made my condition worse for the tests and examinations the next morning. I just couldn't sleep well due to the wonderful music of sweet dreams from my room mates. Nervousness was another issue because this must have been my second hospital visit ever.

My figures are still looking good, if not better than last annual body check.

Uric Acid 341 (208 - 506)
Cholesterol 4.89 (less than 5.2)
High density Cholesterol 1.74 (0.9 - 1.6), higher the better
Low density Cholesterol 2.75 (less than 3.4)
VLDL Cholesterol 0.4 (less than 1.04)
Triglycerides 0.67 (less than 2.3)

I did treadmill stress test as well. My target maximum heart rate was set at 174 there are various ways to determine this target. 2 years ago I was subjected to a rate of 190+ which was 10% more than what I can at my age. Perhaps I was consulting for a problem hence I didn't need that 10%. I did it well within 10 minutes.

Before the test the Doctor diagnosed me having palpitation which is just another name to symptoms found earlier this year. Actually I felt differently this time which is that there has not been unusual heart beat instead the heart has been just pounding heavily at times. It is the high blood pressure that the doctor couldn't explain. It's like waking up due to a nightmare or after racing up stairs.

I am given some medications which the doctor said I don't really need. I am also given a Holter ambulatory ECG to carry for a week. In fact I'm quite relieved after the tests so I hope this machine won't need to be activated.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chinese title

For English reader you wouldn't know what this is all about even if you may know a bit of Chinese.

For those who know my name they may realize what this is about. My view is that you can never be wise you could only forever pursue wisdom but you'll never get there.

I could never be wise or wise enough.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nice Sunday walk

I took below by my canon last Sunday after a nice morning walk in Bowen Road.


There are more birds' photos here.