Monday, October 6, 2008

Body check again

I have just gone through a check by a specialist due to similar problem found earlier this year.

I had to stay overnight in the hospital for insurance reasons which made my condition worse for the tests and examinations the next morning. I just couldn't sleep well due to the wonderful music of sweet dreams from my room mates. Nervousness was another issue because this must have been my second hospital visit ever.

My figures are still looking good, if not better than last annual body check.

Uric Acid 341 (208 - 506)
Cholesterol 4.89 (less than 5.2)
High density Cholesterol 1.74 (0.9 - 1.6), higher the better
Low density Cholesterol 2.75 (less than 3.4)
VLDL Cholesterol 0.4 (less than 1.04)
Triglycerides 0.67 (less than 2.3)

I did treadmill stress test as well. My target maximum heart rate was set at 174 there are various ways to determine this target. 2 years ago I was subjected to a rate of 190+ which was 10% more than what I can at my age. Perhaps I was consulting for a problem hence I didn't need that 10%. I did it well within 10 minutes.

Before the test the Doctor diagnosed me having palpitation which is just another name to symptoms found earlier this year. Actually I felt differently this time which is that there has not been unusual heart beat instead the heart has been just pounding heavily at times. It is the high blood pressure that the doctor couldn't explain. It's like waking up due to a nightmare or after racing up stairs.

I am given some medications which the doctor said I don't really need. I am also given a Holter ambulatory ECG to carry for a week. In fact I'm quite relieved after the tests so I hope this machine won't need to be activated.

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