Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Mild hypertension and palpitation have been bothering me. Naturally I researched on these topics which I now realize is a bad idea.

I went to see specialist and he gave me drugs. It's so easy these days I just have to google about these drugs that I was given. E.g. I can see side effect of those hypertension drugs here, here and there. Then I start feeling those mentioned side effect. The more I suspect about these side effects the more I feel that from my body.

Then I bought a blood pressure monitor for home use and I recorded fairly good figures, this is what the doctor and this tell me to do. Then I suspect that I could be just having white coat or masked hypertension. The mental stress could come from this imaginary health problem.

In fact I can't really tell what level is hypertension, some say it's 140 and above for age 50 and above. Prehypertension is range from 120/80 to 139/89. The instruction manual of my Omron says 135/85 and above is hypertension. I'm really confused as the drug I was given is really meant for hypertension and one of the side effect is palpitation. Occasional high blood pressure could well be just due to stress, anxiety or lack of sleep.

At last I had to agree with my doctor, i.e. I got to have faith in whatever treatment I was given and stop researching and thinking about it. The symptoms I felt could be just psychological influence and no drugs can help me unless I have faith. I'm pretty sure my first experience was due to work stress and the recent one was due to fear of a heart problem.

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