Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 weeks to find another ISP

I feel like I'm a VIP. I was served by Rosita, Gavin, Tim, Raymond and finally yesterday a lady Becky called from their customer service telling me that they have received my termination form and will come to take away their modem by end of November. [update]..and the latest one Kiki who wrote like human...

With regards to your email, we are sorry to learn of the situation and truly understand how frustrated you must be felt.

Upon receipt of your message, we have checked our record and noticed that our concern department has received your Termination Form, and our colleague has arranged the service termination appointment for you at ....


After this wrangling with customer service I doubt what sort of CRM tools that they are using. It appears to me that none of these people, who interacted with me on emails and phone calls, knew what other people in their department have been doing. I guess it'll be too much of a trouble or costly for them to write down into their CRM applications what they have encountered but I guess there must be some sort of design to alert them what sort of problems a customer is having. May be they should incorporate a large radio button for CRM staff to click: trouble maker be ware!

I now have 3 weeks to sign up a mobile broadband provider.

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