Thursday, November 20, 2008

4 days of walk

This week I have walked every morning from Monday to Thursday, I'll take a break tomorrow.

Now I know better how to control my pace hence my heart rate has been very stable at the uphill leg, I have an average of 133 during last 4 days which is pretty good compare to 153 at earlier walks. The total loop time is around 25 minutes and I don't think I could walk very much faster unless I run.

The refreshing air in the morning is really good even though I may not have had the amount of sleep I wanted the night before. The only draw back of course is the vehicle pollution along the way, there are lots of school buses and the alike in the morning.

I have now experienced a few times interference to the watch I wear during the walk. The interference happened almost exactly at the same spot along the walk path. As my friend Stephen said the watch is a very good EMF detector.

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  1. keep it up, Bro, you are doing great! I will start exercises again once I pick up my new shoes insoles tomorrow.