Friday, November 14, 2008

Customer service before any services!

I thought mobile broadband isn't a solution for me so I went to HGC Broadband to inquire about fixed line broadband. To my surprise they don't cover the building I'm in. I now realize why. PCCW Netvigator has been there early on other providers simply don't bother investing at our building because there are only 68 units it simply doesn't worth the effort.

Now I signed up 3reedom mobile broadband plan. At their counter I specifically asked if I could use FTP because SmarTone-vodafone confirmed in writing that both FTP and BT aren't allowed in their policy. I never used BT but FTP is a must for me to access my server.

The guy there said "OK no problem" fairly causally then I said whereabouts in your printed documentation can assure me that. He then said they won't then another guy said he'll need to phone his senior to confirm this. The final answer was that they have the right to block any IP at their sole discretion so I better try it right at their shop if the IP I want to connect is blocked.

So I did that. They gave me a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 so I downloaded Filezilla there and made connection to my slice. That was my first experience of using a netbook which is so popular these days. I think a netbook is easier for those who don't do touch typing. My hands aren't big but it's a bit uneasy typing on the reduced size keyboard.

The guy at the shop only taught me what to enter for their APN (Access Point Name), nothing else, then I left. I was told that my service needs 4 - 6 hours to get activated. So I waited until near 10pm to give it a try using my MacBook at home. I couldn't get it to connect, the 'Mobile Connect' (it's called Mobile Partner in Vista) application requires input of 'Account Name' and password but I was given only APN to enter.

So I needed customer service before any services. So I rang customer service.

They said there is no entry required for 'account name', password and I don't even enter the phone number of the SIM card to the box for 'phone number' in the setup window, how on earth anyone could figure that out! That's dead simple once I was told what to enter but why can't the HUAWEI E180 manual in the package (manual is generic because other provider is also selling this) has this information or the forms that I signed printed this?

I followed their instruction over the phone and I got connected. The man there said sorry normally it takes about 14 hours to get your service activated, while he said that in fact my connection was working so I said thank you and hang up.

Did speedtest for the connection which isn't too bad.


Below was for PCCW netvigator fixed line

Picture 1

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  1. Hi

    I stumbled upon your interesting site by chance. Could you possibly update your experience with 3freedom since last November. I'm considering subscribing for the service but am somewhat concerned that it's been vastly oversold (especially in the last two months).

    Would you happen to live near Tai Hang Road by any chance? I wonder how good connections in that part of the woods are.

    Thanks in advance!