Saturday, November 1, 2008

Customer Service, tough I know

I kissed Netvigator goodbye. It's a norm for all ISP here that at least a month notice is required. So I wrote to them via their customer login web interface and said

I have submitted termination request form serial no SHP_N ???????. Wonder if you could terminate the service before 17th, which is the due day for next billing cycle. My payment is by credit card which I have now also terminated so you'll not be able to draw fund from that card. Please bill me at my home address instead.

I was kind enough to alert them because they won't be able to draw fund from the credit card that I have also terminated. What I got in their return email from their so called 'NETVIGATOR Email Team' is a standard reply without even take notice of my original email. So I wrote back

Can't you read or you are a machine? Read my original message again in particular " ....I have submitted termination request form serial no SHP_N ???????....".

Answer my question please

I know customer service is tough and these days to save costs their back office is probably in a little town in China or even India. I don't really care but couldn't they train their staff to read? Am I the only customer in town that prefers written communication?

The other night this week I also got a service call from my account manager the poor lady who is assigned to look after my account. She was merely following up if I have received her letter notifying me that she is now the one that I should be contacting for services. Poor girl she had to make that call after 9pm.

Customer service is tough. I gave her another lecture. I said some 2 years ago I gave her colleagues a 30 minutes lecture as to how HSBC should be doing customer service. The bank knows everything about me, my income, where I live and where my work place is. How clever they were to have assigned a Manager, who is based geographically middle of nowhere to the customer, to serve someone who is so close to their other branches at stone throw distance? There are branches near where I live (busiest location on the Island) and work (most profitable shopping mall for MTR alone their lines), aren't these locations more logical? Are there obvious bugs in their computer programme or their department heads all nuts?

What could be true is that I'm not wealthy enough to be served by the Managers located in branches of relatively higher costs. That's fine, they could deny me as customer.

That lady, who obviously was shocked and must have been well trained, apologized over the phone. I said

", no please don't apologize, there isn't any need to isn't your fault, it is your system that caused you the trouble..... I have no trouble at all and didn't feel the inconvenience because I simply put name cards/letters I received into the circular folder (garbage bin) instantly....".

I did say at the end to her that if she really feels that it isn't right in her assignment write me a letter such that I could wave that at someone more senior if they ever make that sort of smart decisions again.

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