Friday, December 12, 2008

Work Life Balance

I attended HKQAA's Symposium 2008 yesterday. It was about Corporate Social Responsibility and the forthcoming ISO 26000 for CSR. There was also an interesting topic about a survey on Work-life balance in Hong Kong by Ms Shalini Mahtani of Community Business.

One of the findings is that biggest WLB challenges for men is the well being of wealth and that for women is leader's attitude. For me the finding for the women is very interesting.

This is quite the opposite to common sense. I know of many western bosses who are gentlemen and respect the needs of a women especially those working women with kids. I have not heard of a female boss who does the same on their female subordinates. Why, couldn't the female boss see the needs of a female who works for her?

I'm not a professional to analyze this. I could only apply an analogy, i.e. mom-in-law relationship with the wife. A mom-in-law should understand what it's like in managing the relationship with her husband's mother because she has served her time. Why is she still be harsh on the young generation instead of being understanding. The mom-in-law said ".... I endured the hardship when situations were a lot worse than what it's now, why couldn't you do what I'm expecting of you .... you are simply just not good enough for my son who deserves someone better like me ....".

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