Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Body signals

I have been too aggressive may be. Since Monday I felt a bit of complaint from my hips then my back muscles. I ran Monday then on Tuesday I ran even slightly longer distance, bad move!

Now I'm learning. Again researched about this and found that this is indeed very common from here. I should also be doing some proper stretching to prepare my body for higher intensity jogging.

At this age I haven't experienced any back problem earlier in my sports activities I guess I don't need advice from doctors yet perhaps I need to follow this to correct my body curve and stay in shape while sitting, walking and jogging. I know of course a flabby stomach stops me from keeping a good curve or posture. Thinking in opposite direction problem with back must be due to something at the front.

Reading from here I thinking I'm just getting minor muscular pain so my plan for now would be

  • Alternate between jog and brisking walking, I'll miss the fresh air if I don't get out of the bed in the morning

  • do situps before going to bed

  • stretching before walk/jog in the morning

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