Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learn to Walk

Just bought this book

You know how to walk don't you? Most people thought they know since (N - 1) years ago where N equals to their age. Now I start to learn for the first time.

I think at the end I'll be doing power walking instead of jogging or running so learning to walk is first step. Power walking can propel you to 8km/hr or at even higher speed (how about 14.5km/hr like Olympic racewalkers?) so if I could do that then it's better than jogging, right? My target is to do 10k in around an hour so it's all that possible. With my BMI slightly on the high side perhaps this plan is best for me.

Leonardo da Vinci said

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art

I didn't quite understand the mechanism of walking, e.g. our leg muscles, our foot which is quite a piece of engineering consisting of 26 bones, 32 joints, hundreds of nerve endings and 4 layers of muscle ...etc. So this book tells you

  1. how you walk, your feet could be imperfect so you may need professional advices or get a pair of insoles for your shoes
  2. what you wear to walk

  3. how good your core muscles are to sustain your walk, i.e. know your body first

  4. how fast should you walk, i.e. plan your training programme

  5. how good your walk looks like, i.e. posture

I don't know yet but at the end I may get a Nike+ kit for my walking.

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