Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'll miss winter

I rested for a day yesterday, just can't wait to go out again this morning. The temperature was just right and morning sun was shinning beautifully through silk like clouds.

I walked far this morning to Bowen Road. Bowen Road is a very popular trail for morning walk and run. My intention was to use the milestones there to calibrate my Nike+ iPod gadgets. From my front door to the '4000' milestone in Bowen iPod gave me 2.55km and that took me 24:37 minutes. I then ran and walked 1km between milestones for calibration. The run was OK but after the walk iPod said 'this workout can't be used for calibration', however it showed 1.01km so I guess that was accurate enough. On the return trip iPod gave me 2.59km so the error is around 2% which isn't too bad.

This new route I tried this morning is perfect for Saturday as I have a bit more time before work. This will also be good for my 10k training as I have done roughly 2.6 x 2 + 2 = 7.2 km this morning.

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