Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nike+ iPod

Tried this combination yesterday morning, this HRM watch didn't do much apart from showing me my heart rate during my walk. Too bad I later found that if I didn't use the watch to record time/lap then max/min heart rate won't be recorded.

My first experience shows that

  • It's very user friendly, like other Apple gadgets, you really don't need to read manual before hitting the road

  • I like the voice reminding me what to do and what I have achieved, certainly it's iPod advantage, i.e user must have earphones put on

  • The text on the display (was using iPod nano, too bad my first generation iPod Touch doesn't support Nike+) is pretty small for my old eyes especially when it was early morning

  • I didn't calibrate it because the minimum calibration distance is 400m but it's pretty accurate by default

  • I haven't tried NikePlus but I'm sure it's easy to use as well

It's a pity that Nike (they have their own series of HRM watch) hasn't got chest straps to work with iPod or else this gadget would be perfect.

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