Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Windows 7 on Macbook

I have tried Bootcamp and dual boot my MacBook with XP. I can't try running Vista because I have an upgrade version of it. Now with Windows 7 beta available I just tried that again in my MacBook.

My Macbook has a new HDD a while ago so I could use it again in the office before it's forced to retire. Running bootcamp was easy but this time my HDD is too fragmented hence I need to clean it up and restore everything from my Time machine backup. I did this last Sunday making sure I have plenty of time.

Picture 1

Time machine restore didn't fail me and it was done perfectly almost. A minor flaw was the mobile broadband which didn't work instantly on restore. Found out also that I shouldn't have expected customer service on a Sunday.

Getting Windows 7 to work in the office is a quite easy except that getting anti-virus to work was a bit difficult. I was too greedy to have tried latest AVG Free version 8.5 which turned out to be a problem even at installation, windows gave me a blue screen/memory dump and shutdown. Uninstall didn't work so I used system restore. I used AVG's removal tool but still it couldn't completely get rid of it as I can see resident shield service is still running. At last removal has to be done manually at many places by looking at the removal tool error log.

I don't know why as this article says that AVG free edition should work!

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