Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seriously this time

This is the first time that I'm paying serious money to learn to play an instrument.    Classical guitar, a bit of folk guitar and piano I have all self-taught.

Cello is different now I know after completing 8 lessons of Promotional Course.  It's almost impossible that anyone could seriously learn it by listening to or watching someone play.

For the money I'm paying I'll have to practice hard.    The teacher has been rushing along, perhaps pretty keen to make sure students are engaged and start feeling the joy of playing by the end of the first 8 lessons.    The side effect of course is that for those who can't catch up with progress they'll drop out after 8 lessons.    The drop out rate is 3 out of 8 in my group.

The investment is not small comparing to other instrument study, so far I have spent

  • Promotional course $960
  • Home rental of cello $1,600 (June till December)
  • Books $223
  • Stopper $98
  • Resin $50
  • Tuner $260
  • Autumn lessons $3,060
I doubt how big a market out there for adults who can afford both the time and money.    The time cost is the key not the money I think.

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