Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Do I know music theory? Answer is I don't know.

In this world there is an examination or certification process for everything you learn so I have to pass an exam just to prove that I do know music theory. That's $2,400 for 16 x 1.5 hours lessons.

Knowing it is one thing but passing an exam and prove that you have acquired the knowledge is another matter.

Never mind I determined to learn seriously this time.

By the way there are more drop offs in my group in the last lesson there were only 2 out of total 7 originally.

Bluetooth mouse

I have never used bluebooth mouse before.

It's particularly good if you feel 2 USB ports aren't enough and you didn't bring a hub with you. Bluetooth requires no dongle and most notebook will support it.

I'm very pleased with the touchpad on my new MBP especially the gestures using multiple fingers. Well once in a while a mouse is better.

Friday, September 18, 2009


My son's cello isn't expensive I bought it through his school for $1,700.

The A string was about to break so I was looking for replacements strings. Checked a few places new strings for 1/4 size aren't easy to find. At last I bought below which is for 1/2 to 3/4 size and surprisingly it's longer than the original strings by only 35mm.


This is sort of like ink cartridge for printer. Costs of a few sets would exceed the cost of the equipment/instrument. With this and a cello stand for $180 will add to my investment on cello.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Macbook Pro and 3hk

The application that came with original dongle didn't work, googled for a solution, downloaded latest driver and followed steps in here.

It worked like a chime. However making a connection could be difficult at times.

Macbook Pro 13


The MBP 13" unibody arrived on 7th September. First thing I did was restoring my iTunes library and uploaded my runs to Nike+ which are both very important to me. I also transferred my iPhone app purchases from iPhone to my iTunes library as a safety measure.


Next important thing is to install Windows 7 RC using Boot Camp such that my MBP can be used in my office environment. This is probably the most popular howto for installation of Windows 7 using Boot Camp on Mac OS. However things might have changed and software got updated along the way since I'm having OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard pre-installed on my MBP and various versions of Windows 7 and updates and have evolved. To my surprise everything worked a lot smoother than I have ever expected.

There are couple of things worth mentioning here if readers are like me having the latest hardware/software.

Referring to this Simple Help
  • Step 11: once you clicked the 'reformat' it didn't start automatically I had to click 'next'

  • There were 2 reboots and it was OK to have the installation DVD stayed in the drive after the 2nd reboot setting up of Windows and desktop then began

  • Removal of the installation DVD can be done at the very end

  • After updating the Windows 7 installation I ran setup from the OS X installation disk

  • Then I got sound and video card working

Thursday, September 3, 2009

bcc myself

For many years we like forwarding incoming emails to a webmail provider such as gmail (because it's nearly bottomless but not quite) so that we can still read emails when we are away from office. OWA, Outlook Web Access, of our exchange servers isn't available in our company.

Forwarding incoming email by a rule isn't too difficult this can be done in Tools>Rules and Alerts in outlook. However there isn't a simple way to get a copy of all my outgoing email to my webmail account.

The solution is VBA, something that I haven't touched for many years, coding in Outlook.

Fire up your VBA IDE in outlook by Alt-F11, paste the code from here, don't forget something basics of VBA in here about security settings then it's easily done.

Now I'm not forwarding my office emails to gmail instead I'm trying out hotmail to see if it's as good as gmail.