Thursday, September 3, 2009

bcc myself

For many years we like forwarding incoming emails to a webmail provider such as gmail (because it's nearly bottomless but not quite) so that we can still read emails when we are away from office. OWA, Outlook Web Access, of our exchange servers isn't available in our company.

Forwarding incoming email by a rule isn't too difficult this can be done in Tools>Rules and Alerts in outlook. However there isn't a simple way to get a copy of all my outgoing email to my webmail account.

The solution is VBA, something that I haven't touched for many years, coding in Outlook.

Fire up your VBA IDE in outlook by Alt-F11, paste the code from here, don't forget something basics of VBA in here about security settings then it's easily done.

Now I'm not forwarding my office emails to gmail instead I'm trying out hotmail to see if it's as good as gmail.

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