Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Macbook Pro 13


The MBP 13" unibody arrived on 7th September. First thing I did was restoring my iTunes library and uploaded my runs to Nike+ which are both very important to me. I also transferred my iPhone app purchases from iPhone to my iTunes library as a safety measure.


Next important thing is to install Windows 7 RC using Boot Camp such that my MBP can be used in my office environment. This is probably the most popular howto for installation of Windows 7 using Boot Camp on Mac OS. However things might have changed and software got updated along the way since I'm having OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard pre-installed on my MBP and various versions of Windows 7 and updates and have evolved. To my surprise everything worked a lot smoother than I have ever expected.

There are couple of things worth mentioning here if readers are like me having the latest hardware/software.

Referring to this Simple Help
  • Step 11: once you clicked the 'reformat' it didn't start automatically I had to click 'next'

  • There were 2 reboots and it was OK to have the installation DVD stayed in the drive after the 2nd reboot setting up of Windows and desktop then began

  • Removal of the installation DVD can be done at the very end

  • After updating the Windows 7 installation I ran setup from the OS X installation disk

  • Then I got sound and video card working

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