Monday, October 19, 2009

10k nearly there

I planned life style change just about a year ago. I didn't do any sort of sports on regular basis and jogging/running wasn't something that I have ever done before. Swimming and squash were the games I knew. I started to just walk, then learn to do brisk/power walk with a heart rate monitor.

After gaining a bit of confidence in walking the hilly loop I got a pair of running shoes to learn jogging.

I used Google Doc to record down all my workouts and I named the file 'walk-jog-run' reminding myself that I'm learning this step by step. I read book, chart my progress and find answers to problems in internet.

In March this year I started to use Nike+ and a new pair of shoes to work with it. In April I was really jogging.

I improved along the way, a little at a time, Sunday this week I ran for 8.04k and walked 3.16k after that. So if I were in a 10k race I would have done it in less than 80 minutes, something I had hoped to do a year ago!

Next goal would be really running 10k non-stop then get the record closer to 60 minutes! Joining a race or not isn't important as I'm challenging myself only!

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  1. Good job Bro, you have broken your record. Pravo.....!!!