Friday, October 2, 2009

Site maintenance

I have been lazy so ever since r3608 I have not svn upped this site because plugins that I need weren't ready and I didn't bother modify plugins myself, so I have been waiting.

Today I have just done it, upping this to r3746 however my theme requires a little adjustment before I could use it so the default K2 theme is now in use until I fix my theme.

I bought my DIY PC home which I have been using in the office, reinstalled everything with only a Windows 7 and ubuntu 9.04 partitions. I'll be using the ubuntu partition as my coding environment. While doing that my howto for LAMP installation has been proved good for 9.04 as well.

@9:25pm now theme fixing has been done and thanks Karen's friend again helping me with the very nice English title font (Chinese font to her credit as well) which is also now incorporated.

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