Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moving house again!

For a number of reasons (I didn't plan this) I'm moving house again.

I gave it a try of importing content from another site into WordPress dot com end of last October.   I had a very old free site sfong15 dot WordPress dot com.    Import wasn't successful (only 993 imported), I got some php error.    I then registered a brand new empty site notsowise dot wordpress dot com to have another go at importing.     My content, consisting of about 1,300 entries, was a file less than 12Mb.    Again it failed (only 942 imported).

In both attempts I got onto support but at the end nothing was done to my satisfaction.

Last night I tried again, registered a site was359 dot wordpress dot com, imported 1,318 entries (around 12.7Mb, right time to do this as import limit is 15Mb), horray I got all entries imported.

Screen shot 2010-03-25 at 3.38.24 PM

Next step after above was mapping of my domain to here.    I didn't want to map the one I want first so I used a spare name as experiment.   Steps were:

  1. Login Godaddy changed DNS serveres pointing to wordpress dot com nameservers

  2. Created a subdomain and forward it to

  3. Add domain mapping in dashboard here

  4. Then I had to pay $9.97

  5. Select the newly added domain and click 'update primary domain'.

For the first hour or so nothing happened and I got 'site not found'.    I pinged the new domain name it did point to the correct IP address.    In order to speed up the process I then deleted the record in Slicehost dot com (the VPS I'm using for all my sites).

I later found whenever I want to amend anything on this domain mapping wordpress dot com will prompt me to pay again so I wrote to support.   Support then said
....don't have to pay again to change a domain mapping upgrade within 30 days of purchase, but we need to help you do that from support...

Fine, I feel better.    So very soon I'll be moving am dot notsowise dot net here.

The above would not be possible if I wasn't able to export content from Habari to WordPress.

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  1. Why do you move house again? What is the problem of