Tuesday, April 6, 2010

miCoach another run

I gave it another side-by-side test of miCoach v Nike+. Results are

Distance: 4.17 v 4.34k
Calories: 412 v 304

While running I pressed miCoach at every 0.5k milestone for information and found that distance error was somewhere between 25 to 80 metres. I ran say 4.34k today so error % is just around 1% which is very good.

This customized run I set a target Yellow zone of HR between 156-163 which I know by now that this is a pretty narrow zone. I was told by the gadget to beat up a bit and maintain within the zone a couple of times at the end of the run. I also realize that once I warmed up the stride rate is pretty much the same and it's a bit difficult to slow down.



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