Thursday, April 22, 2010


不會記得我八歲時會做什麼,可能什麼也不會。 以下的可看到些少可能是真或是徦的,例如他現時是無神論的(起碼有懷疑過),做好的動力不來自父母。最高興的是學會了"作文功課不是寫自傳,不用寫你想寫的,只要寫你會寫的"。 Why Homework Is Important

Because if you don't do your homework, you can't learn things;
And you will get 1 out of 10 in your spelling test.
If you don't do your homework, you will get a black dot;
and you can't get jobs.
You can't marry a good girl;
and the God will be angry at you.
You can't find a good school;
and you will die so early.
A lot of people will hate you!
So now we need to do our homework!

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