Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Posterous for me?

I like this so far but there are couple of issues
  1. Why can't I email HTML?
  2. How can I customize stylesheet of default themes?
  3. Where is the howto/tutorial for themeing?
  4. Why isn't search working?   Is my site being indexed but there are only a few posts? 
  5. Does the search support Chinese 中文?   By the way Tumblr also doesn't support search of Chinese.
  6. Import didn't work fully, only 359 posts imported, I have 1,300+
  7. Helpdesk isn't very quick in responding, now more than 24 hours since I emailed them, no reply yet, this may be due to issue below
  8. Their sites (Posterous and Post.ly) are down (or terribly slow) for most of today.

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