Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting ready for longer runs

I rested for a week today I am ready for longer run.    I wanted to make the run easy so I was pretty slow and heart rate was well within green zone for the first 40 minutes.    As usual at the end I can't resist to speed up a bit.

Nike+ 8.04k, time 59:50, pace 7:26, A/MHR = 153/165, score 70%


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Friday, August 27, 2010

testing drag and drop

How will this look in Blogger?


I actually ordered this early August and received it on the second week. The magic mouse I talked about earlier has retired to a drawer.

I use my MBP as a desktop with an external HP 17″ monitor and an external keyboard it's a good match with an external trackpad like this.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Highest score and lowest average HR ever

The key to this high score was that my stride length was smaller since I worried a bit about my right knee.    It turned out that my knee was alright but right leg was a bit tired hence the smaller stride length.    I discovered that at this stride length heart rate was still low at higher stride rate.

Nike+ 5.01k, time 37:41, pace 7:30, A/MHR = 148/156, score 90%

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Friday, August 20, 2010

A good curve but it was still 50%

Below is really a good curve, pretty stable, heart rate picked up fast at the start and remained flat almost to the end however the score was still 50%.

Nike+ 4.28k, 30:15, pace 7:03, A/MHR = 150/157, slight pain right leg

Monday, August 16, 2010


和那個愛爾蘭朋友茶敍時談到 i (負1的開方) 這個數字,奇怪吧,兩個大男人在談數學?


他說這個 imaginary 數字就是他在學時令他想不通的,主要是教數學的教師對數學的應用知識有限,今天香港的潮語是"不夠通識"。香港的情況也是一樣,時間不夠,課程太多。要教的一定要送出去,收不到是學生家長的問題。

說到 imaginary number 我便指着桌燈說"沒有它我們便沒有電力",他說到後來在大學讀電機時才知道 imaginary number 的應用。



我知道小兒不是那些主動學習一點就明的那種,我無可選擇地辛苦一點準備自己。不用說幾年內我要明白他的教科書 (三角, 幾何, 代數, 微樍分… 等等)也不容易,我要的是將他要學的知識帶到生活裏,讓他可從不同角度理解一些概念理論。能夠從生活中學習數學是十分有趣的。例如小三也應該知道質數有什 麼用。

一份學費,三人上學,化算!   下面的那本書我可能要用上五年時問,早點開始有好處。

I can hear my breathe and steps

I'm using a new HK$299 earphone today. I don't really mind the quality of sound most importantly it must be firmly held on my ear while I run. This one with a hook has a slight problem, i.e. the hook will transmit vibration into my ear so I can hear my breathe and steps while I run.   This is better than the old one with hook on ear which easily becomes loose while I run.

Nike+ 4.19k, time 31:21, pace 7:28, A/MHR = 151/162, score 60%

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recalibration required

From record the Nike+ distance is more than what miCoach recorded, after relinking the sensor, miCoach showed more yesterday.   The Nike+ sensor was only calibrated as new on 14th March it looks like I have to calibrate it again.

Nike+ 6.35k, time 50:16, pace 7:54, A/MHR = 154/163, score 40%

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

iPhone 4 and Nike+

Switching from 3GS to 4 is pretty easy as I said here. While using it there are couple things to do which are, for security reasons, good design.

  1. enter password again for all my email accounts
  2. enter password again for iTunes account (it prompted me that my device is new) before I could purchase App, first one I purchase is of course this one for bumper
  3. re-link my Nike+ stride sensor

I didn't know I have to link again my stride sensor so this morning I ran without Nike+ App.    When I walked around trying to pair it didn't work and the Nike+ App on/off was grayed out.   I had to do this

  • turn off the App by double-clicking the home button, if the App is on, turn it off
  • at setting>Nike+>turn it OFF
  • turn off the phone
  • turn on the phone
  • at setting>Nike+>turn it ON
  • at the same page click Sensor>Link New
  • walk around with the senor to pair
  • done, happy running

Nike+ couldn't pair with sensor, new iPhone 4 first run, light shower, A/MHR = 150/162, score 70%

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Toy

Got the new toy today, the 3GS was just over a year old.

The backup and transfer was pretty smooth, I have 1,823 track and a few apps. I have also restored the old toy as new.

Below is what I have in it.

Screen shot 2010-08-11 at 8.57.10 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need to slow down

There is always a tendency to speed up at the last 5~10 minutes because Nike+ will announce the time left and I know how far away the finishing line is.    I should really take note of the zone I was running in and slow down.

Nike+ 4:27k, 30:42, pace 7:11, A/MHR = 151/164, score 40%

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DVD出了, 即晚也看了, 平凡是福,明白了。


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Narration cycled between paused and resumed

I run a fixed route during work days and I use Nike+ at the same time so I am pretty sure the distance tracked is reasonably accurate.   As you can see below the distance is way out this morning and the time is cut short by about 4 minutes.    During the last 5~7 minutes I kept on getting " ... paused" and "resumed" narration without me pressing the button.   The narration was also garbled because it repeated itself before it being finished.

Nike+ 4.25k, 30:31, pace 7:10, A/MHR = 149/159

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Another miCoachManager update

There was another miCoachManager update from 3.2.17 to 3.2.19 this morning when I sync my run below.   I'm hoping to run every other day this month.

Nike+ 5.54k, time 40:35, pace 7:19, A/MHR = 152/161, score 40%

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nike+, miCoach and Posterous are all having problems today

First of all Nike+ on my iPhone refused to start after I have started miCoach so I had to walk slowly while stopping the app, deleted the history and started it again.    While in the office I synced the miCoach pacer and I was told to download and install an updated miCoachManager which I did and the synchronizer updated from 3.0.19 to 3.2.17.   The sync failed and I got the famous "error 630".    When I checked the miCoach website my run this morning was there, see below, I must be lucky today.

As usual I forwarded the run chart by email to Posterous then found that Posterous got a DoS attack and I had to change their A record IP at GoDaddy before I can use my site.

My run isn't too satisfactory this morning with score at 30%.

Nike+ 4.13, time 30:18, pace 7:19, A/MHR = 153/165

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

誤會, 玩具, toy story 3


我看過關於他們 Pixar 那本書,我看他們的戲時感覺就不會像小孩,只因知道他們的歷史, 想法。


看 TOY STORY 3 在午飯後,早上跑完步,正所謂"食飽睡一睡,好過做元帥",其實上半部一小部份我睡著了。到後來 Woody 和他的朋友們從垃圾車開始的逃亡過程我才驚醒過來。


第一次是 Woody 看見的誤會,他的玩具朋友們以為進了黑色的垃圾袋就是會被棄掉。第二就是士多啤梨熊以為被拋棄,以為主人不愛它,心態變了質也是因為一個誤會。其實人長大 了是會記掛住兒時玩具的 (作者的主觀願望?),戲裏最後堆填區的貨車司機也把那士多啤梨熊拿起放在車頭,這說明人長大了只是對兒時玩具的感覺不同了,對待玩具的方法不會一樣。其 實人愈大渴望找到兒時感覺的慾望愈大。堆填區拾起的也要嗅一口。

Woody 和他的朋友們找到新主人又是一連串誤會的結果。

這戲是給小朋友看的嗎? 我想不是,Pixar 的從來不是,付鈔的一向都是帶孩子的父母,孩子是看不明白的,阿仔便說這戲乏味,不及 DreamWorks 的出品。我說這是風格。十五年前看第一集時是八歲的話, 今天應已大學畢業了。

這戲是給有孩子的父母看,一個外國的影評說催淚點是 Andy 媽媽看見已經空了的房間,不捨得,一個擁抱,不想放手, 孩子還小都想哭。

父母就是兒子的玩具,父母要在孩子前板著臉, 正如玩具當有人出現做回沒有表情感覺的玩具一樣。一天孩子會獨自駕車離開大門,一天我們會被放進"陽光"老人中心,只望他不會成為士多啤利熊誤會父母的好意,希望我們未來的"主人"也會記掛住兒時玩具。


在老人中心阿仔能夠上前親一下,一個擁抱,就可以帶我回到現在 "被玩" 的快樂日子, 懂享受 "被玩" 是福氣。

Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting better today

It was very hot in the morning, I should really get out 10 minutes earlier such that I have a bit more time cooling down.   I did better today but still hope to score higher % in the zone at not a very slow pace.
NIke+ 4.29k, time 31:39, pace 7:22, A/MHR = 153/165, score 50%

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jogged, after 14 days of rest

That long a rest isn't good I think. I was away for 6 days then it was the rain, didn't really plan to rest for 14 days. It was so difficult to stay in the Green zone I kept on hearing that the pace was more than 8 minutes per k and even 10 or 11 minutes, I thought the stride sensor may have lost signal?

By the way Nike+ just revamped their running site slightly. On the same day Adidas launched their app for iPhone. I will not be using that app because it doesn't work with miCoach's stride and heart rate sensor. I just don't like tracking my run with GPS.

I'm still waiting for Apple to update the Nike+ app for iPhone to work with Polar's WearLink heart rate monitor.

Nike+ 5.66k, 45:25, pace 8:00, A/MHR 158/171

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