Thursday, August 12, 2010

iPhone 4 and Nike+

Switching from 3GS to 4 is pretty easy as I said here. While using it there are couple things to do which are, for security reasons, good design.

  1. enter password again for all my email accounts
  2. enter password again for iTunes account (it prompted me that my device is new) before I could purchase App, first one I purchase is of course this one for bumper
  3. re-link my Nike+ stride sensor

I didn't know I have to link again my stride sensor so this morning I ran without Nike+ App.    When I walked around trying to pair it didn't work and the Nike+ App on/off was grayed out.   I had to do this

  • turn off the App by double-clicking the home button, if the App is on, turn it off
  • at setting>Nike+>turn it OFF
  • turn off the phone
  • turn on the phone
  • at setting>Nike+>turn it ON
  • at the same page click Sensor>Link New
  • walk around with the senor to pair
  • done, happy running

Nike+ couldn't pair with sensor, new iPhone 4 first run, light shower, A/MHR = 150/162, score 70%

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