Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jogged, after 14 days of rest

That long a rest isn't good I think. I was away for 6 days then it was the rain, didn't really plan to rest for 14 days. It was so difficult to stay in the Green zone I kept on hearing that the pace was more than 8 minutes per k and even 10 or 11 minutes, I thought the stride sensor may have lost signal?

By the way Nike+ just revamped their running site slightly. On the same day Adidas launched their app for iPhone. I will not be using that app because it doesn't work with miCoach's stride and heart rate sensor. I just don't like tracking my run with GPS.

I'm still waiting for Apple to update the Nike+ app for iPhone to work with Polar's WearLink heart rate monitor.

Nike+ 5.66k, 45:25, pace 8:00, A/MHR 158/171

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