Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nike+, miCoach and Posterous are all having problems today

First of all Nike+ on my iPhone refused to start after I have started miCoach so I had to walk slowly while stopping the app, deleted the history and started it again.    While in the office I synced the miCoach pacer and I was told to download and install an updated miCoachManager which I did and the synchronizer updated from 3.0.19 to 3.2.17.   The sync failed and I got the famous "error 630".    When I checked the miCoach website my run this morning was there, see below, I must be lucky today.

As usual I forwarded the run chart by email to Posterous then found that Posterous got a DoS attack and I had to change their A record IP at GoDaddy before I can use my site.

My run isn't too satisfactory this morning with score at 30%.

Nike+ 4.13, time 30:18, pace 7:19, A/MHR = 153/165

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