Friday, September 17, 2010

nike+ running site in html5 soon?

I ran for the first time after updating iOS to 4.1 recently. Found something new at the Nike+ app which enables me to upload my run data to Nike+ site from the iPhone. This is convenient saving me the effort of cabling up the iPhone to my MBP launch iTunes and sync.


This page shows recent 2 runs.


This page gives statistics of run data in your iPhone


Too bad as Nike+ running site is still running Flash I won't be seeing graphical run graphs until they adopt HTML5.

Also checked out Setting>Nike + iPod>Senor there isn't anything for Polar's wearlink pairing yet, too bad I will still be using my miCoach for running.

I fact I prefer the miCoach site in terms of usability and user interface, Nike+ running site has to be completely revamped using HTML5 to catch up.

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