Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New features added but with new bug

Ran 5 k this morning found new features in miCoach.    I used my favorite 30 minutes green zone run and in the middle of it I heard "15 minutes left" this has been a feature requested by many users.    Nike+ gives you the same, either for time or distance, depending on what you have selected to run for.    Then I heard "yellow zone in 15 seconds" meaning that I was outside my target green zone for 15 seconds, nice warning, however this caused a bug which disabled the center button which I press from time to time to know what I am doing (stride rate, heart rate ... etc).

At the end even the "workout saved, goodbye" has gone missing.

Nike+ 5k, time 33:48 pace 6:45 A/MHR 152/164 score 50%


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