Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adidas and Nike are friends

Ever since I started running I have been using Nike running shoes.   I needed the Nike+ gears to track my workouts.   I have enough of them (500 miles+) so I got new pair of Adidas shoes.

I did worry about fitting of the Nike+ stride sensor onto non Nike+ shoes.   Now I found in fact Adidas and Nike are friends and their gears are compatible.

Nike+ no doubt has first lander advantage in this respect it's sensible for Adidas to design their gears to be compatible such that customers don't have to make tough buying decision.   Their stride sensors are in fact of similar dimensions.

It's easy to fit the Nike+ sensor into the Adidas miCoach stride sensor shoes lace bracket.   Alternatively you could put the Nike+ stride sensor into the cavity under the Adidas shoe sole.   Piece of cake!

I just ran with Adidas shoes and Nike+ gear this morning.

Nike+ 4.33 pace 7:23 time 32:01 A/MHR 149/156 score 80%



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Friday, November 19, 2010

Beautiful route

This is a beautiful route along the west coast of Kowloon.   Today I ran with ocean going vessels, ferry to Macao, speed boats of custom and a few men swimming.   This is quite different from what I'm used to in Bowen trail since there isn't much tree big enough to protect me from the sun.  Fair amount of ups and downs are also new experience.    My friend said traffic is much less on Sunday morning.

I used miCoach together with the NIke+ GPS iPhone app, too bad signal is again too weak therefore no mapping could be done.    I used google map to indicate the route I did below.    Distance recorded by miCoach could be very wrong since strike distance has to be adjusted when running uphill.

I can see clear sky above me without much tall buildings nearby so it's disappointing to see the Nike+ app failing.    I'll try RunKeeper app next time.   Surely I'll do this route again on an early Sunday.

Nike+ 13.64k time 107:33 pace 7:53 A/MHR 159/167 score 90%

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good green run with a few spikes

Again a relaxed morning run, 90% score is my best so far and average HR of 148 must be a new low.   However there are two HR spikes in the middle which I don't understand.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

500 miles

I have done 500 miles with my Nike+ iPhone app, a significant milestone!


Screen shot 2010-11-14 at 4.54.46 PM

Yesterday I planned to run for 90 minutes at about 2k I met a friend who recently moved to live nearby.    I seldom run in the afternoon.  I hate running in the afternoon but it was an enjoyable experience running with him.   On Saturday afternoon there were still construction vehicles, a few, along the trail and it's very annoying.    I had to stop and smell their exhaust.

Talking while running at the fist 5k was also my first experience.    The heart rate below looks a bit scary but I think it was all due to the dry weather.   Although I wet the contacts of my chest belt the dry wind blew through my shirt probably removed my sweat faster than I could generate.    At the end my skin also started to complain as my fat legs rubbed themselves 13,770 times.

I'll attempt half marathon soon.

Nike+ 11.8k time 85:25 pace 7:14 A/MHR 163/190 score 70%

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back to green

Have not done a slow green zone run for nearly 3 weeks, just did one this morning.   The temperature is so nice in the morning I should be doing more of this during weekdays.

Nike+ 4.39 time 31:47 pace 7:14 A/MHR 150/158 score 70%


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Monday, November 8, 2010

Taxi fare saved

When I was only capable of running 6-8k I would normally have a relax walk to the Central end of Bowen trail and take a taxi home from there.   Now I can comfortably run 10k every Sunday so I just run the Bowen trail twice, which is 8k, then a bit on the Tai Hang Road to make up 10~11k.    The trouble with running on the road with traffic is that I can't really enjoy the music while running.

It will be pretty boring when I do more than 15k, i.e. 3~4 repeats of Bowen trail.     I'm looking for a scenic trail/route to run which isn't too noisy, it's hard to find one here.

Nike+ 11.41k time 78:26 pace 6:52 A/MHR 157/167 score 70%


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harder this time

I ran a bit harder this morning.   Weather is pretty dry these days and HR spiked very high at early minutes, my heart just won't warm up so fast.    There are also lots of other miCoach users reported HR spikes which may be due to flat battery or faulty unit.     The stride rate also looks weird at the last 5 minutes.

Too bad average pace is still a bit away from my target of 6 minutes per km.

Nike+ 4.85 time 30:02 pace 6:11 A/MHR 162/173 score 50%


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