Saturday, December 18, 2010

Garmin 410

My first gadget for running was a simple HRM watch, it tells me heart rate only nothing else. Then I got my iPod Touch which supports the Nike+ running app to tell the distance I ran by counting number of times I hit the ground. Adidas miCoach was the next one I tried. After 8 months of using miCoach it's about time for it to retire. To be fair both NIke+ app and miCoach are great gadgets but GPS is missing from them.

I got my new toy last Saturday after I returned from my near half marathon run in Sai Kung. I then tested the GPS reception last Sunday with the free RunKeeper iPhone app.

Walked from home to bus stop using RunKeeper

Walked from bus stop back home

One of my concerns about GPS watches is reception. Reception can be affected by tall buildings trees and vicinity to hills etc. The nearest route I run is a trail along hill side so I hesitated investing on a GPS watch. After getting this new Garmin 410 I immediately tested the GPS reception.

The below screen shows how many satellites are locked and accuracy. Best reception along the way to the bus stop was an accuracy of 3m.

I ran for the first time with the watch today below is the activity log. The miCoach "foot pod" or the strike sensor is also ANT+ compatible I successfully paired that with Garmin.

You asked why the fuss of using GPS watch? Accuracy isn't the main issue if I ran 20k or more. It would be nice if I could map every scenic routes I have tried.

Goodbye for now Adidas miCoach I'll miss your voice feedback/coaching. May be Adidas will add GPS one day.
Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 2.48.01 PM

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